Days Six & Seven of the 12 Days of Christmas

This week we've got the sixth and seventh days, which are Geese a' Laying and Swans a' Swimming.

One of the interesting things about these two displays compared to all of the previous ones is that they are both predominately white, while all of the previous gazebos have included at least one dominate, vivid color.

In Day Six the geese can be found hiding amid three, snow covered evergreens in a scene that you could easily imagine as a wooded background to a wonderful Christmas movie.
There are cut, paper snowflakes hung from the ceiling at varying heights.
The game with this gazebo is to find each of the six geese.  The designers gave observers a hint and stationed a beautiful, red cardinal near each goose.
Day Seven is probably the most minimal and yet incredibly striking of the gazebos.  There are seven swans, six white and one black, swimming around a frozen fountain.  Each swan wears a crown, which makes me think of the ballet The Black Swan.
There was one set of swans swimming together, which, along with the one black swan, were my favorite.  The designers created these beautiful arches with the curves of each swan's neck.
Glittering arches of icicles along each side finish the sparkling look of this gazebo.

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