Final Countdown for the 12 Days of Christmas

Today you get several days of Christmas for the price of one!

We'll start with Day 8: Maids Milking
Needless to say there are eight maids and several cows, but the fun in this display is that the cows tails wave and there are several kittens, mice, and birds scattered around the display causing all sorts of mischief.
Next up is Day 9: Lords Leaping
For the leaping lords the designers created an ice rink that the impeccably dressed lords skate and leap around.
The rink has been strategically placed to include some lovely trees and White Rock Lake in the background.
Day 10: Ladies Dancing
For the dancing ladies a stunning Victorian Christmas ballroom has been created.
Each of the ladies is clothed in an intricate ball gown which you get to see from every angle as the ladies dance and spin around the ballroom.
And now for some music with Day 11: Pipers Pipping
I love the pipers!  There are two sets of five pipers with an 11th head piper in the middle.  Each of the pipers is dressed in a beautiful red and green kilt, complete with hat and bagpipe.
And all of the songs that are played at this gazebo are Christmas songs played on the bagpipe.
The final day, Day 12: Drummers Drumming
What 12 Days of Christmas would be complete without a few drummers?  All gussied up in their red and white classic band uniforms, these drum majors are a wonderful way to finish up the tour of the 12 Days of Christmas.

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