My Broken Heart

So I hadn't planned on telling you guys about this because it didn't really affect me on a day to day basis, but this week, well actually the past few weeks, things have changed.

My heart is broken.  I was born with a heart defect, specifically I have a heart murmur due to a bicuspid valve and aortic stenosis.  A bicuspid valve means that instead of the three flaps that you have in your valves, which help your heart make that lovely thump thump noise, I have just have two flaps because two of what was supposed to be three flaps are fused together.  This is what creates the underlying whoosh or murmur part of my heart murmur.  I also have aortic stenosis which means that my heart is working harder than a normal heart.  The end result is that things have worn out and problems have been created and it is time for me to get surgery to fix it.  So this week I'm going to be having open heart surgery and afterwards, I'll be bionic!  I'll have a carbonate valve that will be around longer than I will.  And hopefully this will be a one off surgery.  I hope to have funny stories of post surgery anesthesia nonsense and I've got some pre-surgery embarrassment too.  I can honestly tell you guys that I am terrified.  I have a good surgeon and have faith in him and his abilities, but I've never been a patient in a hospital and it's scary.  Fingers crossed for a quick and easy surgery and recovery.

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