On The 5th Day of Christmas...

Day five is still my most favorite of the Dallas Arboretum's 12 Days of Christmas.

I think it is the most clever of all of the gazebos and I love how it's been done.
Apparently there was a scholarly argument that the five golden rings didn't refer to jewelry but rather to the golden rings around a ringed pheasant's neck or to a goldspink, an old name for a canary.
If the first seven verses were about birds and the 8th is maids a milking, then the song starts to sound like a party to do list: First eight verses are a shopping list, nine and ten are guests, and 11 and 12 are the entertainment. However the illustrations with the 1780 version of this song, which is the earliest know version, depict jewelry so the goes my career as a music history theorist.

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