Hello 2016!

What do you guys have planned for this year?  New beginnings?  Changes?  Resolutions?  I've got a few:

1. So last year's paper art got derailed halfway through the year due to moves, job changes, and surgery.  This year I'm going to try for something a little more realistic than a new one each week: we're going to make two a month.  If we happen to get one done each week then that is amazing, but a total of 24 for the year is the minimum.  We're also going to be getting back to some oldies but goodies and adding a few new projects, so be sure to check back regularly.
2. I'm going to finish my new website and get that up and running as soon as possible.
3. This surgery has given me a whole new focus area to explore.  I've got a lot of heart related art ideas rolling around in my head and I'm hoping to create them all.
4. Speaking of my surgery, I'm going to finish My Journey series which is going to be a funny and honest recap of my experience.  I'd like you all to know a bit more about what happened, all of the scary, uncomfortable, absurd, wonderful mess.  And if there is someone else that is dealing with something similar, then maybe something I say can be helpful, or at least make them laugh.
5. The universal New Year's Resolution: I'm going to work on being a happier, healthier me.
Please share your plans for this year!

Before we bid a final farewell to 2015, let's have a quick look back at the best posts from last year:
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4. A Soldier's Tale was your favorite Odysseus Orchestra post!
3. You guys enjoyed reading about Sip and Savor benefiting the Community Garden Kitchen!
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1. I love it, you guys are such a caring group and another charitable post was the most read post of 2015: The Max Fund!!!

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