It's Krewe Time

This year's Krewe of Barkus was fabulous!

There are always some truly fantastic costumes and this year was no exception.
The theme this year was literature and McKinney's dogs and their owners were inspired by a variety of famous books.
I thought this group was great, I loved that they built a hotdog cart!  Frankenstein's monster grunted and growled whenever you asked him a question..or when there were little kids nearby and he could make them laugh.
This trio depicted The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  The ladies' costumes even had the "hole" in the middle where the caterpillar ate through!  And the caterpillar was just adorable!
This handsome fellow was dressed up in his Mardi Gras best as Henry the eighth.
Did Star Wars start out as a book?  Who cares, it's Darth Vader!
There was a great turn out this year.  I think it was even bigger than last year.
The fantastic band was back again this year and they closed the show, but we're not done yet, there are still more dogs!
This pair made for a gorgeous and amazingly well behaved Sherlock and Watson.
Beware of the pirates! There was even an impressive impression of Jack Sparrow that went with the outfit.
This little cutie was Babe the pig and was somewhat tolerant when it came time to put on the head.
And then there was Cinderella with two little white poodles dressed up as the glass slippers.
Where the Wild Things Are is one of my very favorite children's books so I had to share a photo of this wild pair.
There were several groups who took their inspiration from Dr. Seuss including this clever wagon complete with basset hound.
And the big winners were Don Quixote and Sancho Panza complete with two human windmills whose sail stocks actually turned! I was standing next to this family during the award ceremony and their outfits were unbelievable! I would have been blown away if they had not won something. This is the family that recreated Notre Dame for last year's French inspired parade. 
Next year, in honor of its big 15th anniversary, the Krewe of Barkus is going bad! I actually heard several families already discussing what villains they are thinking about depicting in 2017 as they were leaving this year.

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