My Journey - My Friends and Family

Just in case I have not made it abundantly clear up to this point: My friends and family are amazing and I am SO very blessed to have them in my life.

My parents were total troopers through this whole surgery, we're going to kill your daughter to save your daughter, and oh by the way she and her dog are going to be living at your house for several weeks after surgery stuff. There was never a hesitation or a second thought given to my mother staying with me every night I was in the hospital or that I would go to live with them after surgery. I certainly couldn't go back to my place, I couldn't even get out of bed by myself! Now both of my parents are/were fantastic but my mom especially because she lost her dad during heart surgery shortly after the Bro was born. Visiting my grandpa in the hospital is actually the only clear, solely mine and not flushed out with family stories, memory that I have of him. I remember going to the hospital with my mom and the Bro. Grandpa was sitting up on the side of his bed in a glorious hospital gown and he had a huge smile on his face. He gave me a big hug and then told me that the nurses made him wear a gown that opened in the back because they liked to check out his butt as he walked down the hallway. And then he and I laughed hysterically. Unfortunately a nurse came in and said that I had to leave because children carried so many germs, but the Bro could stay. And I was so insulted that she thought I was germy but that my snot nosed baby brother, who I loved dearly but always had something gross coming out of some orifice, could stay. But both of my parents were rocks right up until they wheeled me into surgery. Mom losted it at the last minute and if I had really died that day then the last thing my parents would have heard me say would have been "someone hug my mommy."
Not only were my parents there to see me off to surgery, but so was Janice. Janice and I had planned a girls weekend for her birthday which turned into a pre-surgery last hooray. We had a great visit and Janice made arrangements to stay through the day of my surgery. I told her that sounded like a terrible use of vacation time, but she said that she wouldn't be able to concentrate on work anyway so she might as well take the day off and be here. It helped me to know that Janice would be with my parents. I didn't know it at the time but one of my other good friends was running errands near the hospital and she stopped in to check on my parents too. So my parents were well looked after.
I had other friends who offered to wait with my parents, but surgery was several hours and my parents didn't want to do that to other people.  Plus there are only so many times that you can say "it's all going to be okay," before someone throws a chair through a window. But the fact that people would offer to sit in uncomfortable chairs in uncomfortable silence for hours for me...well that's amazing. My old law firm sent me gorgeous flowers while I was in the hospital and friends and family came to visit me after I was released. The new company I work for put together this huge basket of goodies for me and my boss visited me not once but twice! She also requested that my mom notify her as soon as I was out of surgery and she checked on me every day. I got tons of hugs and some beautiful gifts and cards, but the best part was knowing that there were all of these extraordinary people thinking of, praying for, and loving me. I hope that everyone experiences that feeling at least once in their life, preferably without the surgery part.

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