National Wear Red Day!

Our first paper art of the year is in honor of National Wear Red Day! National Wear Red Day was born in 2003 and is the first Friday of February.

The American Heart Association wants to remind people that, while many people primarily think of heart issues as a male dominated problem, heart disease is actually the number one killer of women. This is a call to everyone: men, women, young, and old to pause for a moment today to learn a bit more about heart health and what small changes they can make to improve their heart health. I indulge my love of cheeseburgers and binge watching tv way too much,  so I've begun revamping my diet and increasing my activity levels in hopes that my recent heart operation is a one time deal. I decided that it was fitting for my first piece of paper art this year to be another red dress for Go Red to go along with my piece from last year.

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