Coming This Week - My Journeying and More

The last entry for my My Journeying series is a tricky one.  Heart surgery is not like changing the battery in your remote control where afterwards you all but forget about it, there's no forgetting a foot long scar down the middle of your chest.  But at the same time, when people ask if I'm ok with that concerned tone, wrinkled with worry forehead, and the bless your heart head tilt it usually takes me a beat to figure out why they are asking and what the look is for.  So, how do I wrap up a series where the focus isn't actually ending, but I'm figuring you guys don't want a weekly notification that I'm still doing fine. that's not interesting!  I guess it will be a surprise for all of us to see what I come up with.

I've also got a few other things that I'll be talking about this week and next, including: Easter lunch, spring flowers, upcoming local events, and more!

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