Easter's Tasty Treats

This weekend I went over to mom and dad's to celebrate Easter and, as with all Matlock holidays, the food was fantastic!

First mom always sets a beautiful table...
And for Easter she started with this flowered lovely.
The meal started with a salad that I made.  The salad was a mix of greens, goat cheese, dried cranberries, roasted walnuts, and a poached egg, topped with a drizzle of a lemon and herb oil and vinegar dressing.
The main coarse included a delicious green bean salad from this month's issue of Southern Living that our good family friend made.
Mom made a colorful fruit salad...
And pork tenderloin two different ways.  One recipe was an Alton Brown and the other was an Ina Garten recipe.  Both were amazing!
And these gorgeous berry scones with strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries from a Cook's Country recipe.
The whole meal was topped off with the lemon cheesecake bars also made by our family friend.
Amazing!  What did you do for Easter?

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