Jon's Jokes - Vet Visit

A man walks into a vets office carrying a small dog.

"Please doctor, what can you do to help my dog?  There has to be something you can do," the man asks.

The vet examines the small dog and says, "I'm sorry, you dog is too ill.  The only thing that we can do is end your dog's suffering.  If you would like, we can put it to sleep for $50."

"Oh please, there has to be something you can do.  More tests you can run," the man pleads.

The vet leaves the room and comes back with a labrador retriever.  The vet puts the dog on the exam table with the small dog.  The labrador walks around the small dog sniffing it and looking at it closely.  It turns to the vet and shakes its head.

"I'm sorry sir, there isn't anything we can do," the vet says.

The man begs, "Please, there has to be more tests that you can run."

The vet leaves again and comes back with a cat.  The cat also walks around the small dog sniffing and examining at it closely before looking at the vet and shaking its head.

The vet says, "I'm sorry, there really isn't anything that can be done except putting it out of its misery."

Reluctantly the man agrees.

"Ok, we'll take very good care of your dog.  Your final bill will be $450."

Confused the man asks, "But doctor, I thought you said it would be $50?"

"Yes, but that was before the lab test and cat scan."

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