My Journey - Heart Helpers

Last week I told you about cardiac rehab and this week I want to tell you about the fantastic ladies that run it.

I hope that all cardiac rehab programs are staffed with individuals that care for, support, encourage, and entertain their patients as the ladies that run mine.  While the majority of the patients in cardiac rehab are there for a variety of heart related issues, from recovering from open heart surgery like me to helping to strengthen the heart after a heart attack, there are many patients with multiple medical issues and some that are in rehab for an issue completely unrelated to the heart.  There is one lady in my class who is recovering from a stroke.  You would never know that she had had a stroke, her recovery has been amazing.  There are also several diabetics in my group, as well as a physically limiting injuries.  The therapists who run my class not only have to be thoroughly versed in cardiac issues, but also the effects of therapy on all of these other medical conditions.  Blood sugar levels are checked at the beginning and ending of each class.  Heart rates, blood pressure, and just general monitoring is all being done throughout the entire time that my classmates and I are there.  And exercise machines are used in a way so that the target heart rate and exertion levels are met while avoiding exacerbating an existing injury.  I'm totally sucking up in hopes of avoiding torture therapy on the treadmill...kidding...but not really, the treadmill is not my favorite.  But these ladies really are amazing.  And funny.  For me that is probably the best part.  I was a bit worried that this was going to be a strictly clinical undertaking, but I enjoy going to cardiac rehab because I enjoy the people, both my classmates and therapists.

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