Paper Art - Waffle Postman

So, if you haven't guess by now, there's a whole lot of peculiar that goes on in my head.  I manage to reign it in most of the time, but there are a few occasions...Well, the other day I happened to walk past the postman at my office and he smelled like fresh baked waffles.  I had to tell someone.  Don't ask me why because I don't know, I just felt like someone other than me needed to know that our postman smelled like delicious, crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, covered in syrup waffley goodness.  I managed to pull the crazy back a little and instead of my originally planned text reading simply, "The postman smells like waffles."  I gave a bit more context and sent my friend a text saying, "Just walked past the postman and he smelled like waffles."  I didn't want to seem totally loony, you know.  I was figuring that I would get a text back that said something along the lines of, "What?" "You're so weird!" "Why are you walking around smelling postal workers?"  None of which would have shocked or offended me and would probably have been most people's response.  Instead I got, "Were there woodland creatures and singing?  Maybe he's Cinderella in disguise.  What did his shoes look like?"  Seriously?!?  That response is almost as odd as the initial statement.  My friends are so weird!  Which makes them totally awesome!

Hello Waffle Postman!

Full Conversation
Me: The postman smells like waffles.  (No, no, no, rein in the crazy just a bit.  That sounds like a nonsensical spy code: The postman smells like waffles.  Yes, and the rooster crows at purple.  A little context will make you seem less insane.)  Just walked past the postman and he smelled like waffles.  (Yep, less insane.  Now we wait for the inevitable "you are so weird" response.)
Friend who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent, i.e. her kids: Were there woodland creatures and singing?  Maybe he's Cinderella in disguise.  What did his shoes look like?
Me: (What?!?  My friends are so weird!  Awesome!)  No woodland creatures and he was wearing large black tennis shoes, so I'm ruling out Cinderella.  He did smell of waffley goodness though.
Friend: Beth, you didn't bite him did you?
Me: Just because I've licked a few strangers (Nope, we're headed of course now, pull back.)  No I did not bite him...I just smelled him.

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