This Year's Collin County Master Gardeners' Garden Show

The annual Collin County Master Gardeners' Garden Show was this weekend...

And it was full of lots of vendors I know and love...
As well as many that I met for the first time.  But first, check out the fairy garden in a bathtub, how fun right!?!
We're going to start out with a new vendor, Koke Gardens located in Dallas.
Koke Gardens specialize in kokedama which are plants in containers formed from dirt and moss, and sometimes string.  Koke Gardens' Facebook page says that kokedama is Japanese for moss ball and is considered the "poor man's bonsai."
I saw these cool little guys all over Pinterest listed as string gardens and have great expectations of trying my hand at creating one or two.  They are on my super long list of things I want to create, but haven't gotten around to yet.  I think I may have to go by Koke Gardens for some extra inspiration.
Our friends at Lavender Ridge Farms were back with their extensive line of personal products...
Including the amazing smelling lavender satchels.
This year they also brought several varieties of irises as well.  I was very tempted, but I've got several pots on my small little apartment balcony right now that are in need of some TLC so I restrained.
Rosie and Mark of Barris Pottery were also back and this year they brought a leopard print pig!  I am in love...
Another new vendor with a wonderful sense of humor was Steve Humphreys of Sky Homes who advertised his fun bird houses as "Gluten Free."
Artist John Hunt of Leaf Expressions was back and it was great catching up with him.
Last year his booth at the Dallas Arboretum's Artscape would have needed to be a boat due to bad weather, but he is giving it another shot this year.  He has a busy few weeks ahead of him generating new pieces to replace the ones sold at the Garden Show.
If you would like to own a Hunt original of your own then you can catch him at the Arboretum or you can contact him through his website.
Rusty Birds, a charming collection of rusted metal birds and branches that are made for attaching to the interior of a window frame, was a new vendor who I unfortunately missed meeting because I got caught up talking and the show was closing down just as I was reaching the first several booths.  I know, everyone is shocked that I talk too much or that I walked the show backwards, but, what can I say, I'm weird like that and occasionally I do talk too much.
One of the people I got caught up talking to was a friend manning the McKinney Garden Club  booth.  The McKinney Garden Club is already starting to get the word out about their semi annual garden tour taking place later this year.  I will have more information for you when we get a little closer.
And, of course, Chambersville Tree Farm was there!  I did not get to chat with the owners this year, but I did get to look at all of the wonderful trees that they brought with them this year, including the beauty below.
Shades of Green was at the show again this year and they had a wonderful display including this bright turquoise bench...
And this decorative beach wagon.
Rain Lilies Boutique was another vendor with goodies to help you relax using their range of natural products, many of which are made from ingredients from their very own farm!  They have a store in Van Alstyne and a booth at the McKinney Farmers' Market if you are interested in purchasing some sweet smelling soap of your own.
And, of course, I started and ended my visit at Diggin' It!
Tracey always has a colorful collection of beautiful things...
Cheerful decor for your house, inside and out...
And a visit with Tracey is the perfect way to end a visit to the Garden Show.

These are just a few of the vendors at the show, for more information please visit the Collin County Master Gardeners' Garden Show website.

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