A Peak at Empty Bowls

I think this was the best Empty Bowls yet!  The event planners, very smartly, decided to put all of the bowls that you get when you purchase a bowl ticket outside.  This allowed the vendors to spread out a bit more and made the whole, very crowded event, a bit easier to maneuver through.  There were several other new innovations that I will share with you next week, in addition to photographs of all of the wonderful food.  For now I'll leave you with this brief glimpse of the event and my post Bowls adventure.

I had hoped to get not one but two posts up for today, but alas it is not to be.  I'm waiting on a few photo releases and as soon as I get them I will be sharing some of the magic from the ballet that the Odysseus Chamber Orchestra and Amiti Perry put on at the beginning of the month.  I had also planned to get my Empty Bowls post up, but given that it is almost 11 p.m. (I'm writing this up Thursday night) and I just arrived home I do not see that happening.  No, no, Empty Bowls did not go this late, my delay in getting home is dog related.  My parents love Pepper and Pepper loves my parents.  Now being the loving granddogparents that they are my mom came and picked up Pepper this morning so that she could spend the day with my parents and their dogs before we went to Empty Bowls.  Empty Bowls was great, but when we got back to my parent's house and opened the garage all four dogs came barreling out.  Apparently someone, we suspect Pepper, let everyone out into the garage to look for my parents.  All four dogs decided that they REALLY needed to have deep, meaningful conversations with the neighbor's dogs.  Deep, meaningful, you know the run up and down the fence-line barking like morons kind.  The girls were the first to come back and it was relatively quick, I hadn't even made it to the end of my parents' driveway, though their drive is roughly 30 miles long, so...The boys however, well I should really should say Jack, so Jack felt like he was making real progress brokering world peace and was not interested in stopping his negotiations with the neighbor's dogs.  Louie couldn't make up his mind and kept running in between me and Jack though never close enough for me to catch him.  We finally got Louie in dad's car and Jack on a leash when Jack decides he has one more vital bit of information that he has to give to the neighbor's dogs.  Logically he immediately bolts back over to the neighbor's completely taking out my poor mother in the process!  Dad is a little worried what people are going to think when they see mom tomorrow; between the swollen foot and ankle, the bruises on the heels of her hands, and the lovely shade of purple her cheek is likely to be where she hit a rock with her face, mom will not be painting a picture of domestic bliss.  While it was not the best way to end the evening, we did get all of the dogs back safely, at least for now, and mom didn't break anything, but, if Jack is smart, he needs to be on his best behavior and constantly making cute, puppy faces at my mom for the foreseeable future.

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