A Visit to the Dallas Zoo

This is going to be a brief one, I have not been getting to bed early enough this week and it has really caught up with me!

On Monday I mentioned that I went to the Zoo over the weekend. It was actually my first time going to the Dallas Zoo in ages! They have made a ton of great changes and I am super excited to share the photos with you guys over the next couple of weeks.
I'm going to be breaking the Zoo visit down into three parts based on the two different areas of the Zoo, as well as their special exhibit. But I had to share the photos of this kangaroo with you first. So this guy was just hanging out, laying on the grass, stretching and yawning, being cool, you know, like kangaroos do. They are so cute when they stretch! But then he decides that he wants to be in a different area. It's hard to say where he wanted to go because about two hops in he misjudges a jump and goes tail over tea kettle down the hill!
And this is where he landed. SO glad that he was ok, it was scary during the fall because it wasn't a little fall sideways but a complete flip! Seriously, his head went a direction that didn't seem possible without several extra hinges or the need for an exorcism. There was a great deal of relieved laughter after he landed and it was obvious he was ok. He did a quick glance around his habitat, trying to act all cool like he'd done that on purpose. "Oh yeah, that was totally intentional. I am the Jackie Chan of kangaroos and I do all my own stunts."

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