Some Out of This World Paper Art

Happy Star Wars Day everyone!  May the Forth be with you...and my Star Wars paper art.  I love the original Star Wars movies (episodes IV, V, and VI) so I decided to make pieces with four of the primary symbols from the movies.  I did include the Galactic Republic which is in episodes I, II, and III because, in looking up the symbols and doing some research, I found that the Galactic Empire's branding was designed as a evolution of the Galactic Republic's.  Each piece was drawn freehand and then cut out of a 1.5" circle of paper so they are not exact.

We have to start with the Rebels.  The Rebel insignia is the starbird and it can be seen in original movies, as well as the latest addition, episode 7.  Created from the disparate groups resisting the Galactic Empire's rule, the Rebels fight against the oppressive rule of the Empire.
The Galactic Republic is symbolized by a cog with eight spokes.  The Republic governed through a Senate populated by elected officials from every system in the galaxy.  Though this democratic body governed for a thousand years, it fell with the rise of evil.  (I realized after I had created and photographed my Republic piece that I actually created a six spoke cog instead of eight, but unfortunately it is late enough now that I will have to redo it correctly at a later date.)
Speaking of evil, the Galactic Empire took control of the galaxy by force and maintained control through violence and a constant, militant presence.  The Empire took and bastardized the Republic's icon to create their own version of the cog, this time with six spokes.
And finally the Jedi who are branded with the shining star and wings.  Those in the Jedi Order were the peacekeepers during the reign of the Republic.  These gifted individuals were all able to sense and use the Force in their defense of democracy.  Though the Jedi Order was decimated and most slaughtered, there is always a glimmer of hope that peace will rise from the ashes.

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