Thank Yous to Teachers

Teachers are amazing people who help educate and inspire future generations.  These generous spirits give their time, their passion, and, more often than not, part of their paycheck, to create amazing classrooms.  I have been lucky enough to have had several teachers and professors who have pushed and challenged me, shown me awesome things and the strange and wonderful way the world, history, nature, math, and art connect, and they've helped me understand the role that I play in the world.  I love programs that recognize and reward teachers, and here are a few.  A radio station in McKinney, KLAK, honors local teachers throughout the school year.  Each month a Teacher of the Month is awarded and they are about to name their Teacher of the Year from all of the monthly winners.  The monthly winners are honored with their own radio spot, a plaque, and prize money.  While it's to late to submit your favorite educator this year, the program will start up again in the fall, so keep that in mind next August and September.

Another program that is currently going on is Limeades for Learning.  Sonic and have teamed up for the past several years to support teachers.  During the month of May Sonic will make a donation with each tweet or retweet of #thanksteach.  If you want to learn more about the program you can go to the website and watch their video with Julianne Hough.  Thank you teachers!!!

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