Flowers and Silver: A Perfect Pair

Looking for a fun centerpiece?  Have some silver pieces gathering dust?  Add some flowers and you can create gorgeous centerpieces like the ones that Mom made for a friend's wedding shower.

This is a great way to utilize those random pieces or silver that you got from your grandma and never use.  Now you can use them, just not exactly what they were made for.
Mom got two different bouquets of mixed flowers in a limited color palette.  She mixed the flowers and divided them up into several smaller arrangements.
She then put the arrangements in the many, many silver pitchers that she has.  I would like to say that I have no idea why she has more than one, but I actually have all sorts of glass and ceramic pitchers myself...I'm beginning to wonder if pitcher addiction is genetic.
Mom added some tulle as a whimsical bit of traditional wedding texture and the finishung touch.  How fun are these?!?  I love 'em!

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