Memorial Day on the Lake

Pepper and I got to spend a fabulous long weekend with our buddies Janice and Tessa on the lake.

Hilltop Lakes' Lion Club lines the main road with flags for national holidays and the lakes are filled with visitors engaging in every form of lake recreation possible.

For those interested in some exercise with plenty of quality talking time, there is paddle boating.
Want a bit more speed, then there's motor boating which can also include skiing, tubing, knee-boarding, etc..
Fishing is for the truly patient...Yeah, that's not me.
And sea-dooing is great for the truly impatient, this is more my speed.
Janice and I called this particular form of sea-doing "Bubba Sea Dooing" on account of the outfit (jeans, no shirt, life-jacket).  We were pleased that he was wearing a life-jacket, but curious as to how he was going to get out of the jeans since getting out of wet jeans is virtually impossible and practically requires the jaws of life.
And what holiday weekend would be complete without some amazing food?

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