A Couple of Fabtastic Felines

Janice has two beautiful cats, one of which I was not all together certain actually existed for a while...

In all the time that I had known Janice before she moved to the lake she had talked about her two cats, but I never actually saw Dixie.  I'd see IV occasionally, though she wouldn't ever let me get close enough to pet her (and usually cats love me, so that was always a major ego blow), but no Dixie.
I was beginning to think that there was a chance Janice had just made Dixie up!  That would really have taken crazy cat lady to a whole new level.
But low and behold, Janice moves to the lake and not only are there two cats, but they wander around the house when I'm visiting...so that I can see them...and pet them...and even pick them up!
And they, well it's more than just tolerate and probably less than really like, Pepper.  And Pepper is completely enamored with them.  She even tried to climb under the bed one time to hang out with the kitties.  They didn't think that was cool and IV smacked her in the nose a couple of times (Pepper was completely unfazed and even made a second attempt at getting under the bed).  But the cats will hop up on the couch with Pepper or just walk right up to her and sniff her face.  Honestly you can almost see the inner monologue as Pepper is trying to play it cool.

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