A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the 4th...

With Janice being a judge for this year's 4th of July parade she had a list of entrants that I got to see before everything kicked off. There were several paraders that I was looking forward to including "Tia Juanita's Decorated Mule"...Yep, this use of mule was in reference to the atv, not the animal. Disappointing comprehension fail! But I did still get my mules and wagon, so woohoo and a big thank you to All In Bloom Flowers (where you can also buy fresh eggs, I'm telling you these small town store combinations are magic: flowers and eggs, banks and turnip greens)!  Bonus, they had a grill attached to the back of their wagon!

And, makes me feel SUPER smart, this wasn't the only fail that weekend! I was listening to a mystery book on tape on my way down and the bad guy was identified as a crazy, killer who was after the good guy with a stiletto. Apparently it was not a description of a killer for hire who uses his high heels as weapons, but rather a more traditional killer for hire who utilizes a type of extremely sharp knife called a stiletto. Not going to lie, kind of loved the idea of a crazy person running around throwing shoes at people. Fictionally, of course. Keep your shoes on your feet. (And you're welcome for the mom lesson.)

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