High Flying Fun

Our Friday joke is on hold this week because it's flying time!

Last Christmas the Bro and I got Mom certificates to go to iFly and try indoor skydiving.  If you knew my mother when she was a kid or have heard the stories, and there are lots of them, you probably think my brother and I were crazy.
As a child my mother was frightened of all sorts of things: fireworks, scary movies, even the theme song to Alfred Hitchcock creeped her out...There's more, but you get the point: Not what you would call the excitement and adventure type.
As she got older my mom has gotten braver.  Having two children with a taste for roller coasters, zip-lines, and skydiving has hardened her up a bit, but who would have guessed that she would develop a desire to fly!
But fly she did!
Our good friend Kathy was along for the ride, or flight rather.  And Dad, Kathy's husband Dennis, and I were their personal cheering section.
I have to tell you: I was SO proud of both of them.  Not just because they actually did it, but they did it well!
As we watched two different groups go before Mom and Kathy's, we got to see a variety of skill levels.  From flyers who needed a lot of instruction to those that looked like seasoned veterans.  While there wasn't anyone who immediately wrapped themselves around the instructor like an octopus, which was secretly a little disappointing, there were a few that flailed a bit.
Mom and Kathy were most concerned that there were going to fall when exiting the air tube after their flight, but there were good dismounts all around!
The massive amounts of wind did create, let's go with interesting, hairdos.  Mom looked like she had multiple mini hair horns popping out of her helmet.  Kathy's hair fared better.
But both of them flew like champs and loved it!
After she finished Mom spent 20 minutes trying to talk me into going.  I think I told her a minimum of four times that she didn't need to talk me into anything, I was on board before we even got to the place, but she was so amped up it was easier to just let her talk.  Needless to say the family will be going flying again soon!

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