More 4th of July Fun

While extremely small, and I do mean extremely small, Hilltop Lakes has its own airport, golf course, and stable.  Seriously, it's like an over-sized country club.  There's even a "clubhouse" where they have bingo games once a week (plus a special  bingo night during the 4th of July celebrations).  And speaking of the 4th of July, guess what happens when you mix a small airport with Independence Day...

You guessed it, or you probably didn't because who would guess flour target practice, but that's exactly what they did!  Locals flew their small planes around while dropping bags of flour out the window to see who could get closest...Yep, gotta love it!
The 4th of July festivities also included a petting zoo with a baby camel!
And what weekend at the lake would be complete without a ride on a sea doo with a dog?!?

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