Sneaky Max

Max was my dad's giant yellow lab.  He was the sweetest dog, but a giant goofball!  The top of Max's head was about three feet or so off the ground, so he was not a small dog.  But he was thoroughly convinced that he was 1) a lap dog and 2) a sneaky, stealthy hunter.  He was neither.

One of Max's favorite pastimes was chasing squirrels in the backyard and there was one in particular, lovingly named Fat Boy by the Bro because he was a rather rotund squirrel from eating all of Mom's birdseed, anyway Fat Boy got just as much joy from teasing Max.  It all went down was like this: We would let Max out into the backyard.  Fat Boy would either be chowing down on birdseed, hanging off the side of the feeder like a monkey, or he would be on the ground under the bird feeder scavenging for the seeds that he dropped during his face stuffing trapeze act.  Max would spot Fat Boy and freeze before "crouching down," i.e. lowering his head a whopping two to three inches and stealthily, i.e. slowly, walking in the direction of the chubby squirrel.  Now Fat Boy always clocked Max the minute he walked out the door, but that squirrel would let Max do his very inept version of a army or military crawl until he got a few feet away at which point the squirrel would race to the nearest tree and climb to just out of Max's reach.  Max would run over to the tree barking and carrying on and Fat Boy would stay just out of reach, flipping his tail and chattering at Max, baiting him!  If Max got distracted by something and headed to another part of the yard, Fat Boy would head down the tree, chattering loudly the whole time, daring Max to come back for some more fun.  The two of them were a pair: a giant, pale yellow dog "sneaking" his 80 pound self around the yard, totally convinced that he couldn't be seen, and a rolly-polly squirrel chattering away making as much noise as possible to get the attention of the giant "unseen" dog!

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