2016 Summer Olympics vs Netflix Stranger Things

I know, it's a peculiar pairing, but this is the dilemma that I have been struggling with the past week and a half: The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio or Netflix Stranger Things.  What to watch, what to watch?
Now, if you're a rational person you're probably thinking that there is no issue here, watch the Olympics now and Stranger Things after the Olympics are over.  After all the Summer Olympics only happen once every four years and Stranger Things is on Netflix meaning that it can be watched most any time.  The primary issue stems from the fact that I made the mistake of watching the first episode of Stranger Things before the Olympics started and now I'm addicted.  It's a problem...a serious problem!

The Olympics are the best of the best competing for country and personal pride.  You get to witness the seasoned, metal favorites as they fulfill their destiny, and the rise of new stars as they unseat those that went before.  World records and made and broken as these special few push their bodies to the limit.  The parade of nations is my favorite part.  Especially when you see those long shots of the stadium and you see the clumps of colors start to blend and mix as the athletes from different countries wander around in search of friends, rivals, and/or idols.  You get to hear the stories of athletes and teams, their struggles and triumphs.  And then there is this year's cauldron...Love it!  There is still fighting and hatred, but the world seems to push the pause button during the Olympics.  Yes, there are rivalries and country pride, but there's sportsmanship, for the most part, and it's pride, not hatred.  We all come together for a brief moment and cheer on our athletes, the world's athletes.
So how does Stranger Things compete with this once in a lifetime event, because even when it comes around again in four years it will be a different set of athletes, in a different location, and, in some cases, a slightly different set of rules for competition?  Well, Stranger Things hits all of the right notes when it comes to a sci-fi mystery with mass appeal.  I've heard it compared to the Goonies, which I LOVE, but Stranger Things is darker.  Being set in the 80s and centering around a group of kids trying to solve a mystery, with a great mix of characters and being totally addictive is, at least for me, where the similarities end.
The show is centered around a group of adolescent boys, awkward enough but throw in their Dungeons and Dragons sessions and lack of physical prowess, and these kids are ripe for schoolyard abuse, and they get it.  And of course it is one of these four that goes missing thus creating the primary story-line.  The group's leader, though I use that term loosely, has the smart, pretty older sister who has just been discovered by the most popular guy in school.  And the well meaning, but oblivious parents who are so caught up in their own little world that they miss what is happening with the children.  In contrast the missing boy has an older brother who is good looking in an unkempt way and a loner, though presumably not by his choice.  And a distracted, overworked single mother who goes a bit loopy with the loss of her child.  There is the sheriff with a a drinking problem and a dark past of his own.  And then there is a mysterious lab and a monster.  Oh, and did I mention a girl with powers?  Oh yeah, there's one of those too!  So, pretty much all of the components to make a great or terrible show.  Luckily Stranger Things errs on the side of great, staying away from cheesy sci-fi scares and focusing more on creepy backed with a bit of science.
Ultimately I opted for both.  Who needs sleep?  I'd watch the Olympics and then tell myself that I could watch one episode, which almost always turned into two or three, of Stranger Things.  This made for late nights of fantastic TV watching.  But now that the Olympics are wrapping up and I've binged watched all of Stranger Things I'm going to have to find something new, what will it be?

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