Alaska or Bust! Part 1

My trip to Alaska began with a bit of panic, total lack of sleep, a grumpy traveling companion, and more than one near know, like all great adventures do.

I thought that I was totally ahead of the game and I started packing a week before we were set to leave.  I think I should have started about a week before that because late nights at the office trying to get everything done before I left and my uncanny ability to procrastinate meant that I still had a great deal of packing to do the night before we  left.  My parents and I were planning to head to the airport together, so I was to spend Friday night at their house.  Working late and lots of last minute packing equals not getting to your parents' house until 11 something which equals a cranky mom when you finally do pull up.  I got everything out of my car and then I had the joy of spending what was left of the night finishing a defensive driving course.  Yep, I'm a master criminal and I got caught crossing a solid white line trying to make it back to my office after lunch.  Ah well, mom and dad's dogs all took turns laying on my feet, getting in between me and the computer, and, in general, doing their best to be obnoxious.  I finished the defensive driving course just in time for the 3 a.m. wake up call so that we could be all ready to leave for the airport at 4 a.m..  Yep, there is a 4 a.m..  I think it goes without saying that we did not leave the house at 4 a.m. and that my mom was NOT happy about it.  There was a fair amount of teeth nashing and sighing coming from her general direction.  We finally got the car packed up and were on our way to the airport...
Oh, I forgot to mention that about halfway through packing up the car I realized that I didn't know where my cellphone was.  Since that is the only way that I was able to check my work e-mail, I thought it was important enough that I said we needed to stop by my apartment on the way, out of the way, to the airport.  Yep, more teeth nashing and sighing.
Ok, so the car is packed and we're on our way to the airport with a quick, out of the way, stop at my apartment, but before we even get out of my parents' neighborhood my dad announces that he doesn't know where his passport is.  There was smoke coming out of mom's ears at this point.  We rush back to their house and mom and dad run in while I search the bags in the car.  Mom finds dad's passport and we are back on the the wrong direction because we still have to stop at my apartment because I have no idea what I did with my phone.
We whip into the parking lot by my apartment and I run inside and...I can't find my phone.  I can see my mom's head exploding, so I lock things back up and head to the car and we are back on our way.
We get to the parking area of the airport and from there to the airport with little incident...a lot of irritated noises from the backseat, but little incident.  And then we get in line to check our bags at the airport and the wheels completely come off of our day...

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