Happy Watermelon Day!

It's a two for one day because it's Watermelon Day!

When I was a kid my family used to have watermelon seed spitting fights.  I know it's another contradiction in the wonderfully complicated tapestry that is my prim and proper mother.  I don't know that anyone is particularly surprised that I have participated in a watermelon seed spitting fight...or fifty.  Anyway, on nights that we had watermelon for dessert we would all head out to the backyard and run around spitting seeds at each other as we laughed and tried not to choke on the melon or eat too many of the seeds because that was precious ammunition.  The Bro was young enough that he couldn't sift through the watermelon and eat around the seeds fast enough,  so he would just run around spitting chewed up bits of watermelon at everyone.  Needless to say it always became a game of seed spitting and staying as far out of the Bros spit zone as possible.  Watermelon was wasted on that kid!
(The photos are from a past post on my Watermelon with Lime and Honey on Goat Cheese Crostini which is a fun summer appetizer and certainly not a waste of watermelon!)

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