Making Friends

I love meeting new interesting people.  Hmm, that's a bit of a duh statement, let me give it another go:  I love meeting people as odd as I am.  It makes me feel better about my own little, wackadoo quirks or, to put it another way, being completely off my nut...sometimes...frequently..all the time, shut up.  Anyway, I saw this sticker on the back of a car in the Target parking lot the other day and, as luck would have it, the owner of the car was leaving at the same time I was.

We bonded over our dislike of the "here's an illustration of my family for you to use when you try to lure my kid into the back of your creepy van" stickers and the "let me tell you all about my kids including their names and sports, hobbies, after school activities, basically everything about them so that you have a ton of information to use to lure them into the back of your creepy van" stickers that everyone seems to have on their car these days.  I find the family stickers less concerning than the all sorts of information about my kid stickers, but they all seem like they are gifts to the creepy gods.  The conversation took a sharp turn at one point and somehow turned into my new buddy telling me that she hadn't shaved for a few days and how she could see the hairs on her legs glistening in the sun.  Oh my goodness, I think my new friend, whose name I never got (but shout out to moms from Anna who happened to be shopping at Target mid-afternoon last Friday with the best family sticker ever), is my new spirit animal!  I LOVE OVERSHARERS!!!  They make me feel so normal!  It's such a change from the confused looks that I get from most random strangers (coworkers, friends, family) when I overshare!

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