Alaska Here We Come!

Day two of our trip was a sailing day and involved less running around...Actually that's not exactly true, I think we walked two million miles that day!

Maybe that's a slight exaggeration, not two million miles, more like 12...hundred...million...We walked a lot!  We went up, down, back, forth, all over that boat!
Holland America's Nieuw Amsterdam includes an art gallery, several restaurants, two pools, a gym, spa, steam room, bars including a piano bar, a theatre, a small concert hall, shops, a night club, a library, computer room, coffee bar, a basketball court, and I'm sure a million other places I'm forgetting.
Mixed in with all of our exploring we made time for a cooking demonstration where we were treated to delicious dishes from three of the chefs on the ship.
We went to afternoon tea where we met a couple that was on the maiden voyage of the Nieuw Amsterdam!
We had a tasting of crab cakes and a wine selection from the boat's cellar master, followed by Culinary Trivia.  I think it's safe to say that my family is into food!
And we finished off the night with dinner at Tamarino, the Nieuw Amsterdam's pan-Asian restaurant.
Bonus: We got to see a killer whale off the port side of the ship!  A preview for our whale watching adventure the next day?
(Sadly there's no killer whale in the photo above.  This is a photo I took from the balcony of my cabin and I liked how moody it was.)  And check out what I found in my cabin...
It's a pig!  Or a dog!  Either way it's fun and it's eyes are made out of chocolate squares!

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