Alaska, I'm Breathless!

Whales weren't the only amazing thing we saw in Juneau...

There was also a glacier and eagles, lots of eagles!  On the way to the boat for whale watching we drove through a section of highway that was lined on one side with pine trees and a field on the other.  There were several juvenile bald eagles in the field and a couple of adults in the pine trees.  Did you know that bald eagles take care of their young until they develop their "bald" head, three years! Sadly no photos because the bus was moving too fast, but they were so stunning out in the wild, and much larger than I thought!
After the whales we headed to Mendenhall Glacier and the Forest Service's Visitor Center.  Mendenhall Glacier is flanked by Mount Bullard and Mount McGinnis.  It has receded over one mile in less than 100 years and continues to recede.  Along the trails there are large rocks marking where the face of the glacier was over the years.
The Bro and I headed out on the trails for a quick jaunt to see if we could get ourselves eaten by a bear.
Yes, a little melodramatic, but our bus driver to the glacier did say that she had recently seen a bear in the area and here's the video she shot!  Thanks Brandy!
We used Juneau Tours for our whale watching and trip to Mendenhall Glacier and they were fantastic, I highly recommend them!

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