Alaska's a Whale of a Good Time

I know, that's a terribly cheesy heading, but whales, you guys, whales!

Our first excursion on our Alaskan cruise was to Juneau where we went whale watching and it was amazing!
Humpback whales are generally solitary creatures, but once a year during their feeding season some will work together to hunt food using a technique called bubble net feeding.  We got to see a group of probably eight to twelve whales hunt together.  In the photo above you can see seven distinct blows.  That's the term for the air (plus mucus and carbon dioxide, yum) expelled through a whales blowhole: Blow, clever, right?  Anyway, I caught seven blows that were expelled almost simultaneously, though there were additional ones before and after this that were just slightly out of sync.  So definitely more than seven whales.  Bonus: Look at the refraction in the blows!  The overcast day, which resulted in the striking color of the sky and water, also provided the perfect lighting to create rainbows each time the whales took a breath.
I did not manage to get that iconic fluke, aka whale's tale, photo, but look at what mom captured!
Here is a link to a great BBC video on YouTube about bubble net feeding.  It is very informative and makes you appreciate how intelligent these creatures are, plus it's not very long so those of us with short attention spans can get the...

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