Beer, Brats, and...

My Oktoberfest was…

Rained out!  I know, so sad!
Those lucky people who headed down to downtown McKinney on Friday or Saturday got to enjoy all of the festivities, but my best laid plans for Sunday were not to be.
I did manage to head down and get some shots Sunday morning before everything opened and the rain came.

The petting zoo was already set up and I got to spend some time taking photographs of the adorable animals, including this pony…He’s so cute right?  And a total jerk!!!  He was not happy about having to share his space and food with the other animals.  There was a fair amount of head tossing and acting like he was going to walk over other animals.
This little donkey ended up behind the pony at one point, but he was unwilling to give up his perfect spot in front of the fan and looked visibly relieved when the pony moved to another area!

If you have photos and stories from this past weekend please share!  I'm going through withdrawal!

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