North Texas Giving Day 2016

Tomorrow is North Texas Giving Day!  Let’s see how many great, charitable organizations we can support!

Last year we talked about the Dallas Fort Worth Labrador Retriever Rescue Club, Operation Kindness, Shakespeare Festival of Dallas, Hugs CafĂ©, the Community Garden Kitchen, and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  All fantastic groups to support.  Let’s find out about a few other worthy organizations this year, shall we?
Let’s start with the SPCA, everyone has heard of the SPCA.  It is over 75 years old and assists with everything from adoption to clinic visits and rescue investigations.  “The SPCA of Texas is dedicated to providing every animal exceptional care and a loving home,” (SPCA website).  Donations help to improve the lives of our four-legged friends.
I’ve had posts for the last couple of years on the Empty Bowls McKinney event.  This event raises funds for the Community Lifeline Center which is participating in North Texas Giving Day.  Community Lifeline Center helps people who are struggling get back on their way to becoming self-sufficient and productive.  You know the saying: It’s not a handout it’s a hand up.
Art and cultural organizations tend to fall off people’s radars in mass fundraising events, but these groups provide valuable services that should be remembered.  The Odysseus Chamber Orchestra, a favorite on this blog, needs donations not only to help pay for the concerts that they put on, including the free chamber music concert, but also to help cover the costs for visits to local schools, a new viola competition starting this year, and their summer music intensives camp, not to mention actually paying the Artistic Director.  Study after study has shown the benefits of music on mental well-being, memory, and focus, but did you know that music can also reduce pain, reduce blood pressure, promotes post-stroke recovery, and boosts immunity!
If you are able to donate $25 or more your donation could be eligible for bonus funds which were raised by various philanthropic organizations and corporations to provide additional funds to this year’s charities, but all donations are appreciated.

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