My Journey - I Got My Stroke

After my open-heart surgery I thought I had everything sorted out, taking on the world and jumping over large bushes.  Brain-melt (stroke) was not on my mind, not even in my hemisphere, but all of a sudden I was right there dealing with one.
On October 5th I was getting dressed for work and there was this abrupt change and I felt terrible!  I was dizzy, tired, achy, and headachy.  I thought that I’d try to finish getting ready, but everything in my brain was swimming and I just had to go and get back in bed.  I was going to call my office, but I could not get the security password on my phone to work right.  Really, my hand was not working right at all.  It was like a baseball mitt, a weird spastic mitt.  So there were a number of calls going back and forth between my boss (my boss hated being called boss, so boss, boss, boss, but luckily she’s a friend too) and I until we actually talked to each other!  What a mess!  My boss/friend was giving me a hard time about being so late to get to work and I was going to say that I’m so sorry but I felt terrible, but talking was a bit of a stretch…more like incoherence mumbling coming from me.  The only thing that I said that actually made sense was sorry and my boss/friend knew that something was going wrong and immediately called for an ambulance.  Woohoo!

And then came the hard work: getting up from my bed and making it to the front door!  I decided to go into my closet to get dressed, but everything looks like work clothes (which I didn’t want to wear, I have no idea of what the rational was) and then I fell into the closet.  Yep, fell into the closet, and not like tripping over something, but more like I cannot stand up straight, no balance, hit the wall and went down like a box of rocks!  (Luckily I couldn’t feel any pain so..bruises came later!)  I got back up and figured I’ll stay with my pajamas, because how much more embarrassing can this be?!?  I headed to the front door and I got around the corner and then I decided to eat dirt again…more bruises.  I got upright again and, happily, my dizziness passed and I could stand up normally.   During this whole episode my boss/friend talked to me, trying to keep me calm, while waiting for the ambulance to come.  I tried to make the correct grunting noises while stumbling around like a loony.

Then the ambulance got here and, oh yeah, EMS and firefighters all hanging around my little apartment…Yep and the embarrassment just got worse!  There were cute guys asking me questions I couldn’t answer because I couldn’t say anything and I was trying to smile so I didn’t look totally bonkers…but pretty sure I still looked bonkers.  Yea!

The ambulance and I headed to the hospital for more fun and enjoyment.  Luckily I had a great support system there (my father, my boss/friend, and my boss’s boss) which meant that even though this whole thing was extremely odd, I had people looking out for me.  I had a ton of tests and toward the end my mom came running in.  Sorry mom, I didn’t mean to spoil your quilt retreat.  Anyway, I got put up into a hospital room and more tests to come!

We’ll talk more about my brain-melt and how the S word became a focal point of my conversations.

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