Alaska Coming Back!

We’re taking a little detour from my stroke and let’s get back to Alaska!

Here is what we talking about so far:
·       Alaska Here We Come!
·       Alaska, I'm Breathless!
And here is the plan for future posts:
·       Skagway – Skagway was the second port on our cruise.  My mother and I went on a tour to the Yukon where we learned more about the gold rush.  My father and brother tramped around the town.
·       Jewell Gardens – This little garden was in Skagway and it was a wonderful treat!
·       Glacier Bay – There was a little I-spy finding mountain goats on the pass to an ice field.  And then the glaziers!  When you think of glaziers you think of this bright white and cool blue, but as the glazier melts it pick up dirt, lots of dirt!
·       Thomas Stream – There are several artists in Alaska and I loved going to the galleries and ogling the art.  There was one painter that I really enjoyed, but my saving has dwelling with my heart and brain mess so I’m saving up to get one of my own!
·       Ketchikan – These is the totem pole destination!  My mom and I got to see some totem pole, salmon, carvings, etc..  My brother and father went out for a fishing trip where they got fish for several months!

·       Trip Home – And then there’s the trip home!

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