Transfigured Night

I am behind, behind.  I've graduated from my stroke speech therapy (there was a whole lot of writing for this, but I haven't caught up with photos), it's crazy at work, and for the past several weekends I went to the Garden Show (blog coming soon), a Morning Maniacs Car Show (photos will probably make it on to the Morning Maniacs facebook), and a board meeting for the Odysseus Orchestra.  Today let's talk about the Orchestra...

The Odysseus Chamber Orchestra is putting on another modern dance concert this Friday.  You get to enjoy some fantastic music from the musician of the Orchestra, but you will also get watch a heart-breaking love for a couple who is wrestling with the fact that the woman's baby is not her husband's.
April 7, 2017 at 8 p.m. McKinney
Church St Auditorium306 Chruch St, McKinney

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