Garden Day...

This is a little late, but it’s Garden Day and here are some highlights from this year’s Garden Show.

I was introduced to the Bare Naked Bee Co. and I was calm and acted like a super adult and…Yeah, nope.  (Have we talked about my obsession with bees?)  The BNBC, which I’ve decided I’m calling them, have a number of products from their several colonies of bees and are very interested in talking to you about anything bee related!  The owner and I, knock on wood, may have the opportunity to do a fun collaboration(s)!  Please excuse my 10 year old girl squealing!
I know that we’ve talked about the Tour De Coop and their tour, but this year they also had a booth at the Garden Show!  Good place to catch the eye of a whole lot of people who may have or are thinking about getting chickens.  And they brought a lovely chicken who posed while I photographed her.
I also ran into a jewelry designer, Designs by Debbie, who had a great display that I am coveting.  She also had a few pieces that I am very interested in!
And then how about we talk about pies!  Oh, JoJo’s Fried Pies had a booth covered in fried pies…Yep, that was the only decoration, lots and lots of pies…What else do you need there?  Oh, there was also a fantastic door that had the favors for the pies, loved it!
There was an artist, Wanda Stutsman, who created these amazing pieces of metal art.  I just need a house with something fun that I can embellish with a work of Fern Valley Art!
And we also saw some of our favorites:  Rusty Birds
And our favorite buddy Tracey with Diggin’ It!

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